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Long Beard Brothers

The LONG BEARD BROTHERS are dedicated to the sound of days long gone, not only through their „old-style“ look, but also through their unusual lineup of banjo/mandolin, guitar, double bass, drums/percussion and four-part vocals. From Irish folk songs, country and bluegrass classics to acoustic rock, rockabilly and good old rock ́n ́roll, they present a unique mix of 5 decades. The Dubliners, CCR, Hank Williams and specially arranged versions of classics like "Whiskey in the jar", "House of the rising sun" and many more... With the LONG BEARD BROTHERS, Beard Mat (Banjo/Mandolin & Vocals), Beard Dave (Double Bass & Vocals), Old Beard (Guitar, Harp & Vocals) and Beard Chris (Rhythm, Percussions & Vocals) you will experience live music of a special kind; electrifying, danceable and a shot of "Yeehaw".


The Devil by Long Beard Brothers

The Devil